wineryan (wineryan) wrote,

Manual: how to drink vodka

> This is a real guide printed in the menu and published on a Web site
> of one of Chicago restaurant:
> For many Russians and former Soviets, the genuine act of drinking
> vodka constitutes a very special, if not hallowed, ceremony. We'll
> give you the
> rules and the tools; you read, observe, and... enjoy!
> 1. Your shot of iced vodka is served straight up in a chilled 2 oz.
> glass and is accompanied by traditional morsels - pickled cucumber and
> pumpernickel bread bite. Have it within a reach.
> 2. Announce a brief toast "Na Zdorovie!" ("To Health"), or better yet,
> "Vashe Zdorovie!" ("Your Health"). Smell your piece of bread
> thoroughly.
> 3. Ceremonially say, "Nu.." ("So..."). Take a deep breath. Slope your
> head right back, and down-empty the entire shot (of course, just
> half of our 2
> oz. shot is O.K. too).
> 4. Breathe out loudly, producing a sound just short of a full whistle.
> Smell your slice of black bread in a quick ritual gesture. (Some
> people smell their sleeves, but this is optional).
> 5. Eat your chaser consciously but quickly.
> 6. Say, "Oh Khorosho" ("It feels good"), or "Khorosho poshla" (It went
> down well").
> 7. Repeat the round in 10-15 minutes. But make sure to desist and
> retire as soon as your performance becomes blemished in any way.
> **********************
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