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Ноябрь 2019

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Разработано LiveJournal.com

Hi my Dear LJ Friends!

Sorry for misleading you - see Google search on SCUM 
so I've droped all links there...

I thought I would send you just a short note about this new service I found to send your web site sales, signups and members etc.
For a short time, they are not charging a cent/penny/dime for their service unless you make a minimum of a hundred thousand US Dollars (US$100,000.-) within few months from your existing web site. 

I think you should take a quick look to see if you like it too.


Click the following link for information:

You were sent this email from our on-site customer service
called email friends. If you have been sent this email in
error please accept our apologies. Please notify us
immediately if you think one of our users has breached your
privacy by visiting our site and using the report abuse link.
Your early action will prevent any further emails from the
same person.

Many Thanks for Coming Back
Yours - Victor

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Google search on SCUM

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