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Ноябрь 2019

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FAQ etc

Note that the old documentation, often advertised as www.perl.com/doc or

www.perl.com/CPAN/doc, has been removed from CPAN as of November 2001 because it had not been updated for several years, and many people complained about this. Please use the below links for much more current information, the closest counterpart to the old material would be the Perl core documentation site. If you have Perl documentation bookmarks pointing to cpan.org or perl.org, consider updating your bookmarks. Note that the removal was made only in CPAN, which is NOT affiliated with perl.com. The perl.com/doc is still there, if you absolutely insist on vintage documentation. Also, the perhaps still most useful bits of the old documentation, Tom Christiansen's FMTEYEWTK and tips are still available


One more thing: if you see "www.perl.com/CPAN-local" links somewhere, please tell the maintainer of that document to fix that to "www.cpan.org". For example,

"http://www.perl.com/CPAN-local/ports/" should be "http://www.cpan.org/ports/". This unfortunate bug spread all around the world for quite some time because of perl.com's slightly broken redirect feature. www.perl.com never was intended to be the definitive CPAN site. www.cpan.org is a load-balancing cluster of more than 200 hosts around the globe, www.perl.com/CPAN is just one mirror of it. Spread the word.
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