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About Ace Global Corp


To be the Global Leader in providing multiple Home Business Opportunities for the average Internet User that wants to create a Full-time or Sideline Income on the Internet.

Corporate Overview

Ace Global Corp is a registered IBC in the Republic of Panama C.A. Our head office is in Latvia. Ace Global markets a large range of Products and Services for today's Internet Community through various web sites.

Customer Commitment

Our customers are very important to us and we always strive to provide the Best Customer Service available. With a service from Ace Global, you can be assured you will receive any products of your choice in a timely manner, and by providing quality products and services, our company will be able to guarantee lasting value to all of our customers.

Ace Global Web sites

Website Title Description Launch Date
www.AceGlobal.Biz AceGlobal.Biz – The Internet's No. 1 Worldwide Money Making Whiz ! This site is Online !
www.PayAce.Biz An Account in PayAce – A Safe Payment System in Cyberspace ! This site is Online !
www.VipAce.Biz Remain Passive – And Still EARN Massive ! This site is Online !
www.AcePhone.Biz You Never Will - Pay for another Phone Bill ! This site is Online !
www.AceRadio.Biz Where ever you Go; Listen to AceRadio ! This site is Online !
www.AceSilver.Biz AceSilver introduces the Silver Ace – A Coin with Grace ! This site is Online !
www.AceXchange.Biz Where your virtual Silver Aces – Are kept in secured Cases ! This site is Online !
www.AceConference.Biz AceConference.Biz – Where you ask "What is?" Coming April 2005
www.AceForum.Biz Like an MLM Cafe - It's Where Aces can have their Say ! Coming April 2005
www.AcePromoter.Biz Use Your AcePromoter – A Powerful Moneymaking Motor ! Coming April 2005
www.AceSafelist.Biz Online Marketing – On a Shoe-string ! Coming April 2005
www.AceAdvertise.Biz No matter your Size - You can afford to AceAdvertise ! Coming April 2005
www.AceBuilder.Biz Your own professional Website – Built Overnight ! Coming March 2005
www.AceCards.Biz Virtual Business Card – Which will give you Regard ! Coming May 2005
www.AceChat.Biz It'll go Rat-a-Tat – On the AceChat ! Coming June 2005
www.AceDrugStore.Biz The Pharmacy – That will keep you Busy ! Coming June 2005
www.AceGazette.Biz All Ace News in the Gazette – Even from Tibet ! Coming March 2005
www.AceInvest.Biz Trust in AceInvest – And you will be Blest ! Coming May 2005
www.AceLeads.Biz Sowing Internet Seeds? – Use the AceLeads ! Coming April 2005
www.AceOffshore.Biz Go Offshore – And protect your Assets better than Before ! Coming April 2005
www.AceStore.Biz Visit our Store – And you'll never leave empty-handed through the Door ! Coming May 2005
www.AceClassified.Biz Take your sales Worldwide - With AceClassified ! Coming April 2005
www.AceDate.Biz Find your Soul Mate – Through AceDate ! Coming June 2005
www.AcePayRoll.Biz Checks no longer play a Role – When the Boss uses AcePayRoll ! Coming Mayl 2005
www.AcePrivilege.Biz A Loyalty Card – Safe like Scotland Yard ! Coming June 2005
www.AceRomance.Biz This is Your Chance – To find a Romance ! Coming June 2005
www.AcE-mail.Biz Shout and Hail - Now we've got AceE-mail ! Coming August 2005
www.AceDiscount.Biz The Site where Members can count - On a Discount ! Coming August 2005
www.AceAuction.Biz We dare to Say – We will be bigger than e-Bay ! Coming November 2005
www.AceTravel.Biz Holidays at every Level – You will find at AceTravel ! Coming September 2005 Be our Guest  - And admire Latvia’s Best ! Coming August 2005
www.AceProject.Biz Imagine a Condo on the Beach – With AceProject it will be in Reach ! Coming 2007
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