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Free calls over the Internet

Use FWD to make real, free phone calls using your favorite telephone, computer or PDA and any broadband connection. Call your neighbor or a relative, next door or in another country; all with the same ease, speed, and high quality.

You can start today at no cost, by either using programs already on your computer, or by downloading a free, self-configuring program. Combine a simple inexpensive converter and any home phone, to let you realize the total freedom FWD provides, whether on Cable, DSL, or WiFi.

    Call from your house.

    Call from a public hot-spot.

    Call the world -- for free.

FWD is the largest open network service provider for person-to-person, advanced, real-time IP communications.

FWD allows you to make free phone calls using any broadband connection using devices that follow Internet standards. This can be a 'regular' telephone connected to a packetizer, an IP Phone or any number of free soft-phones (software for your PC or PDA). For a list of software devices click here, or here for hardware based solutions.

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