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How to Write Solo Ads

How to Write Solo Ads

You can advertise your products or services on the Internet using a variety of methods and strategies, including sending out solo ads. A solo ad is a promotional email you send to all subscribers to your newsletter or ezine separately from your newsletter. A solo ad can be a How to Write Solo Ads thumbnail great way to promote a product or service if done correctly. To write an effective solo ad, you need to understand some basic copywriting principles.
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      Gather research about your newsletter or ezine audience. On your newsletter signup page, request data from new subscribers regarding age, sex, job title and other characteristics that will help you define your target market. You can also send out a survey to your existing newsletter subscribers asking similar questions. Offer them something in return, like a free report, to entice them to complete your survey. This information will help you craft your solo ad.

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      Write a headline for both your solo ad and for the subject line of your email. These headlines should state the biggest benefit the product or service offers the customer. The headlines should answer the question, "What's in it for me?" Also, it should appeal to the target customer you identified through research. Use the information you gathered in Step 1 to help create your headline. You have seconds to captivate your readers in a solo ad, and if you don't present a compelling reason for them to keep reading, then you may lose customers. In short, you need to communicate what your customer will get out of your product or service. Tell your target customer why she needs your product and why she needs it now.

Communicate the benefits your product or service offers the reader in the body copy of the solo ad. 
         Again, keep in mind the information you gathered in Step 1 as you write the body of your solo ad.

    To come up with a list of benefits, complete the following sentence: "This product attribute is important to my customer because ..." For example, if your solo ad is pitching a new set of golf clubs, a product attribute would be something like "15 percent larger sweet spot." A benefit statement would be, "This larger sweet spot will help you add 40-50 yards of distance to your drives and hit nearly all fairways and greens in regulation -- allowing you to lower your handicap by 5-10 strokes."

Close the solo ad with a strong call to action. A call to action is what you want the reader to do after reading the ad. Be specific, and give a deadline to provide a sense of urgency. For example, you might say, "Visit our website in the next 24 hours and get a free gift valued at more than $50." Include several ways in which a customer can contact you for more information.

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