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Pricing & Grading index

Pricing & Grading indexnatural Crystal Aquamarine
My pricing is for IF to VVS stones, I very seldom cut any lower clarity. When using my pricing guides if the stone is lower clarity then a lower price must be figured.

People always ask me how to price and grade gemstones. So here are my opinions and experiences. Keep in mind that other people will have differing opinions and prices.

Note: People will have to make up their own minds as to what pricing and grading will work best for them.

Here is the Grading and Pricing I use.



All pricing is a interpolation of the various factors involved in both grading and cutting gem stones. Some of the factor's effecting grading and pricing are:
Cost of Rough - This includes the initial cost of the rough as well and the cleaning, cutting, and waste loss.
Labor - High quality meet point cutting is labor intensive and it is talented labor.
Market Values - The gemstone market does effect pricing to some extend. How ever high quality meet point cut stones are always at a premium and in my opinion are more works of art than a down and dirty commercially cut gemstone and the pricing will reflect this.
Rarity - Rarity not only in the type, color, and quality of the gemstone but also the rarity of the cutting quality and the faceting diagram itself.

Of course there are other factors involved and I cannot and really do not want to cover all of them. But these are the basics.

My Pricing
When I price gemstones I am talking about my cutting or the equivalent quality of my gem stone cutting. In other words I am pricing high quality meet point faceted gemstones in modern quality, high performance designs. I am not talking about foreign cutting like Bangkok, India, Sri Lanka, or lower quality European, and American cutting.

Common Sense Gemstone Grading - by Jeff R. Graham copyright 2007
Use of this Grading System - For anyone who would like to use this system.

You will note that I do not use or agree with GIA's grading system and probably many other commercial grading systems in the commercial market. In my opinion a flaw, is a flaw and should be graded as such. A flawless gem stone can and does occur in any material and type.

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