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Tigers Eye Stone

Tigers Eye Stone

Chemical Formula:SiO2
Color:Golden brown
Specific Gravity:2.65
Refractive Index:About 1.54


Tiger Eye Stone BeadsTiger eye stone gives you an insight and by using this property of Tiger eye stone you can actually be a very lucky person. When tiger eye stone is used in jewelry then it also gives the protection to the wearer from evils. This stone is also gives the clear insight and thinking. 

This stone is also known as Crocidolite Cat's eye stone or African cat's-eye stone. These stones are semi-precious stones with a a rich yellow and golden brown stripes. It is quartz that contains oriented fibers of crocidolite replaced by silica. It reflects a vertical luminescent band like that of a cat's eye and acquires a fine golden luster when polished.

Tigers Eye Stone Beads History

Tiger eye stone has bands that resemble an eye of tiger. The stone gets it name because of this. Tiger eye stone were worn by the Roman soldiers to get protection in battle. Tiger's eye stone is made from the mineral quartz. Quartz is one of the most common mineral found on the earth's crust. There are large as well as small crystalline structures of quartz from which different kinds of semi precious stones are evolved. Agate and Onyx are formed from the small crystalline structures whereas Citrine and Amethyst are formed from large crystalline structures.

Occurrence & Structure

The major deposits of stones that help in the creation of tiger's eye beads are Nigeria, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, etc. Tiger's eye stone beads must be prevented from sharp blows and scratches in order to keep them in good conditions. Frequent changes in temperatures may also make a negative effect on these beads. A lustrous golden color is generated from these beads. The combination of rich black and yellow stripes is the principle attraction of these beads. In the ancient times, it was believed that the tiger's eye beads are used as wedding anniversary gemstones on the completion of 9 years of marriage. 

Tigers eye effect can be created with dark brown stones vitalized by yellowish fibers. These beads should be crafted very carefully from tiger's eye stone to give a tiger's eye effect. As the name implies, these beads resemble the eyes of a tiger. These beads reflect bright radiants with alternative bands of brown, yellow and black.

Applications of Tiger's Eye Beads

Tiger's eye beads have find their applications in carvings and ornamentation of jewelries, cameos, decorative items, gift items, etc. As per the opinion of many famous legends, wearing of tiger beads is beneficial for good health and spiritual well being. These beads also act as protector of human psychology, useful for the success in business and in achieving clarity. 

Previously the Roman soldiers used to wear tiger's-eye stone for protection in battle. It also helps to strengthen convictions and acquire courage and confidence, relieving high blood pressure and concentration. This very warm stone is beneficial in weakness and sickness.

Tigers Eye Stone Healing Properties & Mystical Powers

Tigers eye stone is for the mind not the body and hence related to insight. This will also focus your mind. By wearing this stone your mind will have the sense of oneness and straight in thoughts. 

Carry tiger eye stone while driving as you will be protected from any kind of harm coming in your way. In Africa it is also used to keep away the black magic. Before sending it as a gift to someone clean it properly so that Tigers eye stone bead does not carry any negative energy with it.

How to Clean Tiger's Eye Stone

Put the stone in salt water overnight. This will recharge it with energies. Keep it out of salt water and wash with fresh water. Now put it under sum for 2-3 hours. You should repeat this process after every 2-3 months.

Tiger Eye Stone Jewelry

Jasper Stone
Tiger Eye Pendant
Tiger Eye Ring
Tiger Eye Ring
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