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International School of Coaching (ICS) - Sunday, October 16 at 19:00. Yaffe Nof street 107, Haifa

Dear friends, colleagues and everyone who wants to learn about coaching!

We are pleased to announce the opening of the International School of Coaching (ICS)!
We invite you to  Inauguration Day -  unforgettable evening, company of interesting, bright people.We will share with you our plans, describe the purpose and tell about the Goals and objectives of the International School of Coaching.

You'll understand the methodology of COACHING SU, that will be presented by its author Lada Korolikhin.
The method has proved itself since 2000 as an efficient, reliable key to success, development, and the disclosure of one's own potential.

For people who are already familiar with coaching:
That evening - a great opportunity to take a fresh look at coaching.
You may want to join, to participate actively in the development of this technique.

This could be your 1st pleasant evening acquaintance with the coaching.
You will have the opportunity to ask questions - answers will help you to discover and see coaching as a tool for solving problems in your life:
• Ways out of the deadlock, impasse , crisis period in one’s life
• Construction of a harmonious relationship with your close people (relatives, friends and colleges)
• Adapting to unfamiliar social conditions
• Organize and develop ones own business
• Increased efficiency in all spheres of life

For those who want to try on "Coach Clothes " - Coaching as a Professional Activity, it will be interesting to hear what opportunities for development and personal growth makes this technique. You can see the perspective, experience the possible directions for succeeding in this new, progressing profession.

Pleasant surprises, homemade pastries and warm, friendly atmosphere - that's what awaits you this evening.
Grand opening will be held in Haifa, on top of Mount Caramel.
Come and celebrate this joyous occasion with us.
Sunday, October 16 at 19:00. Yaffe Nof street 107, Haifa
Welcome! For more information call: 0544-301 299, 054-609-2733, 054-587-8093

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