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The Future of US Armed Forces

Ebb Tide American's many post-Cold War land wars have obscured important strategic truths, among them the real value of the U.S. Navy.

Caught on a Lee Shore Redefining the strategic niche of the Marine Corps may be the key to a future as glorious as its past.

In the Army Now The Army's reluctant embrace of counterinsurgency and stability operations is the right choice. Now comes the hard part: to institutionalize it.

Up in the Air The Air Force is in a tailspin, and a fundamental strategic myopia is the reason.

Benevolent, Adaptable and Underappreciated A technology-enabled temptation to shorten the tether on Coast Guard operations threatens the future of a uniquely resourceful organization.

Unreserved Support A former Congressman makes the case for giving the Active Reserves their due.


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