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Ноябрь 2019

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The Atlantis Ring

Custom made Atlantis ring
Custom made Atlantis ring
Atlantis Ring - the ultimate immunity and protection Amulet/Talisman
The Atlantis ring gives personal protection and immunity against all mishap.
Like a good luck charm, a talisman, an amulet against bad luck, accidents, and spells - it augments intuitive powers, spirituality. Like Reiki it works with invisible forces that brings
the human energy field in harmony.
It is ancient New Age product.

Atlantis Symbolic Jewelry is available in gold, sterling silver and Electrum.

It is said that the origin of the ring is in the lost ancient continent of Atlantis.
The ring has 6 pyramids to pull cosmic energy.
It has 2 triangular to which the energy flows through and purged.
There are 2 holes at the vertex of the triangular, through which the energy flows through into the inner side of the ring.
In the inner side of the ring there are 2 waves combined together into infinity shape, which the energy flows through them in opposite directions.
There are 2 more holes up & down the ring, which the unnecessary energies are drained through.
Wearing the ring is aimes for success, abundance and health, love & fertility, wisdom and protection from any evil.
The ring is increasing intuition & spiritual development, encouraging recovery of the physical body and pulling good luck.
Atlantis Ring
Choose a finger for the ring according to their meanings:
Pinkie finger: for abundance & success, a ring on this finger is good for breathing. The star of this finger is Mercury.
Ring finger: for heath, good for the heart, joint infections, digestion, bones, and brain and body organs. The stars of this finger are the Moon, Shabtay(Saturn) and Pluto.
Middle finger: for love, good for the main artery, spinal chord and muscles. The star of this finger is the Sun.
Index Finger: intelligents, good for the nervous system and liver. The stars of this finger are justice and Neptune.
Thumb: wisdom, good for the throat, blood and the urine system. The stars of this finger are Uranium, Noga(Venus) and Shabtay(Saturn).

Also available in Israel, HolyLand Made(produced by Haari Kabbalah jewelry)
from a mix of 950 Silver and 18 k Gold. - contact me