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Ноябрь 2019

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Moving on to Global Lukewarming


Moving on to Global Lukewarming

2009-03-23-194051For socialists, apocalyptic theories that have the potential to scare people into giving up capitalism and their freedom have a certain undeniable appeal.

But then, sometimes unpleasant interference known as reality intrudes and the whole image just melts (pun intended).

Stuart Shepard’s latest Stoplight® commentary examines how even the thinnest of global warming “evidence” has melted away, leaving Al Gore and his acolytes all wet.

Researchers say global warming has taken a break, but in his latest Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard says that hasn’t stopped President Obama’s scheme to “save the planet” – by taxing families into oblivion.


You know, things like the predicted more-and-more powerful hurricanes that never materialized, the temperatures that stopped rising, etc.

But President Barack Obama–a faithful worshipper at Al Gore’s church–isn’t going to let icky stuff like facts and reality get in the way of taxing your socks off by bankrupting the evil coal industry (that supplies more than half the nation’s electricity).

Isn’t it great to have national leaders who are unencumbered by facts?

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