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Nibbles: Lack of D may cause girls to gain weight etc.

Nibbles: Lack of D may cause girls to gain weight, the school without sugar and caffeine in pregnancy causes heart problems

Not enough vitamin may also stunt growth

When girls don’t get enough vitamin D they may have stunted growth and also gain more weight during puberty, according to a report from the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism that measured vitamin D levels in girls ages 16 to 22. Those who had normal levels of D were taller on average than those who didn’t have enough, but they were also heavier, had higher body mass indexes and more abdominal fat than the girls getting enough D. There didn’t seem to be any decrease in bone strength among girls who didn’t get enough D, as is the case with older people. Researchers said giving girls supplements may help them grow up to be healthier.

Vitamin pills don’t help prevent prostate cancer

While pills may be helpful when it comes to the health of girls, popping antioxidant vitamins and selenium doesn’t seem to help men prevent prostate cancer. Research in the Journal of the American Medical Association says that taking vitamin C, E, selenium or a combination didn’t lower a man’s risk of developing prostate cancer or any other cancer, when taken for several years. There was no harm in taking the vitamins either. Experts say men would be better off exercising regularly, quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy weight and eating less fat than popping pills.


Georgia schoolkids go without sugar


Students at Browns Mill Elementary School in Lithonia, Georgia, have gone without added sugar at school for about a decade now, and administrators say it was a great decision. Discipline problems dropped 23 percent in the first six months after the ban, and reading scores went up 15 percent. Dr. Yvonne Sanders-Butler, the principal at the school, says the most requested vegetable at the school is broccoli, and the kids perform better when they’re eating good food. The school also has kids exercising and dancing for an hour a day, and students credit the program with helping them make healthy nutritional changes.

Caffeine while pregnant can damage baby’s heart


Finally, getting even as little caffeine as what is found in two cups of coffee during the course of pregnancy can harm the baby’s heart, causing permanent damage, according to research from Yale in mice. Mice who were given caffeine produced offspring with thinner layers of tissue separating parts of the heart than the moms who didn’t have caffeine. All of the male offspring as adults had about 20 percent more body fat than non-caffeinated mice, and their cardiac function was reduced by 35 percent. Researchers say it’s plausible the same thing can happen in humans.

(By Sarah E. White for CalorieLab Calorie Counter News)

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