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There are many companies on the internet which promise to reward or pay you for various activities. Some require you to read e-mails, click links or to complete online surveys, while others require you to participate in investment programs or to shop via their website. These types of website are known as "get paid" programs, and are the focus of GPTBoycott.

Many users have found that by joining and participating in these "get paid" programs it is possible to earn some extra money each month. This reflects the fact that most online "get paid" programs are honest and pay their members as promised. However, there are other sites which look to take advantage of their users by acting dishonestly, improperly or fraudulently. The aim of GPTBoycott is to name the offending 'get-paid' companies, and to urge our visitors to stop using them. If you're tired of companies stealing your time and money, and if you want to know which sites to avoid, take a look around this site, and help us stamp out fraudulent behaviour online!

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